The Sky is the Limit…Unless You’re an Astronaut

By Suzanne Wiggins

As vowed previously, I am determined to live a brave life going forward. To not live within the safe confines of my comfort zone, but to chart a course to my life’s greatest ambition. Interestingly enough, I did not know what my life’s greatest ambition was until today. It began on Monday. Sitting alone in the office, I innocently clicked a link from my internet home page touting ‘the seven signs of a health problem that you should not ignore.’ All seven signs were very common conditions we have all experienced from time to time, which made the article very unsettling. It was there murmuring to me in the back of my mind the entire day. As I lay in bed trying desperately to fall asleep, I couldn’t help but contemplate the worst. What if I DID have a terminal health condition and had only a short amount of time left?

I was over my fret and worry when I woke up the next morning, but the experience left me feeling like I shouldn’t assume I have unlimited time left to pursue my goals and dreams. So today I decided to re-read one of my favorite books, BE UNSTOPPABLE: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything. Penned by a former Navy SEAL, the book is written as a parable for the author’s four sons. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in achieving their heart’s desire. By the time I finished re-reading the second chapter I realized that what I had always assumed was my greatest ambition was just an important step to achieving my ultimate goal. What is most interesting about this sudden realization, is the length of time it has taken to discover or admit this ultimate truth.

It’s funny how we tend to hide or deny the ideas that are most important to us. Perhaps from fear that someone will confirm they are too lofty, silly or unattainable. We only speak of them in whispered voices in fear that acknowledging our deepest dreams and desires may very well jinx our ability to achieve them. Or we imagine we are girding ourselves from disappointment by keeping these desires secret. So here we are, revisiting the concept of fear yet again. Fear of the unknown. Fear of making a bad decision. Fear that leaving behind an unhappy situation will result in even greater unhappiness. Fear that we don’t truly deserve the love we seek to find.

But as I noted, I am choosing the brave path. I could let fear dictate my future, but deep in my heart lies conviction that there are wonderful, amazing, unimaginable opportunities waiting outside the walls of my comfort zone. If I get stuck or scared, I’m simply going to ask myself a series of questions. What if I replaced fear and worry with trust and faith? Why do I believe great things can happen for friends and loved ones, but not for me? What if it were impossible for me to fail?  What if the sky were the limit?

I read something recently, probably on Pinterest, that said, “Everything was impossible until someone did it.” Just because I haven’t achieved my life’s greatest ambition doesn’t mean I can’t or that I won’t. It’s only a matter of wanting and believing. So, I am going to be brave, allow life to surprise me, and have faith that the impossible can happen with persistence. Perhaps the process or route that needs to be followed is not the one I imagined or would choose, but I’m willing to accept that it’s the one necessary to arrive at my destination. I will bravely let go of my perceived control and embrace the adventure of having the course revealed to me. It should be one helluva journey. Feel free to come along.