The Active Listener Inc. is the outcome of a late night phone call with my good friend, Jeffrey. We had just reconnected after being out of touch for several years and I was filling him in on the personal journey I had begun three years earlier to become healthier, create balance in my life, and maximize my happiness.

As part of my process of change I started reading related books, blogs and even found Pinterest to be most useful. A recurring theme appearing throughout all of these sources was the idea of discovering what we are passionate about, and when possible, turning these passions into a living.

Long into the phone conversation with Jeffrey, we began discussing this topic. I was comically explaining that I wished there were a field for someone like me who has an unlimited interest in people and a passion for listening to what they have to say. I vividly recall laughing through most of the conversation that night since I believed turning my love of listening into a profession to be an impossible dream. Obviously, I was mistaken.

The day after that phone conversation, two significant events occurred. The first was a follow-up email from my friend who had decided to do some research and discovered the existence of professional listeners. Who knew?!  I had also been reading through the archives of Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits  and followed a link to a short video presentation by Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend. At the end of the video Scott asked the question, “What is the work you can’t NOT do?” Lo and behold, the very next day The Active Listener Inc. was created.


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  1. You are right… listening is a great skill, which requires not just a pair of ears but an open heart as well 🙂 because most of the time whatever we can’t accept inside the concept of the mind, our heart is able to swallow it, like a fresh mountain water… heart has it’s own capacity of understanding beyond the mind… Have a great journey and fantastic year of 2015 🙂 Cheers from Ireland, Swav


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